This website started life in 2013 at a time of high mass-immigration to Australia. It has supported a long-running campaign to reduce immigration.

COVID-19 and Australia’s consequent border closure on 27 March 2020 have caused a much-needed lull to Australia’s annual net overseas migration (NOM) intake. We are therefore pausing our write-on campaign, but don’t let that stop you writing REDUCE IMMIGRATION atop ballot papers at any opportunity in Australian elections, if you’d like to do so!

We continue to maintain the website, with particular attention to our Select Bibliography and our page about the history of Australia’s immigration policy.

COVID-19 is an ill wind but, for the present, it has delivered some good: an emphatic and welcome pause to Australia’s last 40 years of damagingly-high, immigration-fuelled, rapid population growth, with its attendant social and environmental concerns.

COVID-19, through its international trade and people disruptions, has also unexpectedly exposed and highlighted Australia’s disquiet and fear of a now long-growing dependency on imported labour and necessities. Thankfully, serious and useful discussions are now being held towards planning for a much more self-reliant Australian self-sufficiency.

As Tom Dusevic observes, ‘COVID-19 has derailed the Big Australia express’ (‘Virus tipped to give us a migrant migraine’, The Australian, 25 September 2020, page 2). But the “Big Australia” crowd is only temporarily down, not yet out. They will be pushing their agenda as hard as they dare, as soon as they can. [See below for our post-Budget notes on 7 October 2020, and see also Dusevic’s survey article: ‘Does the pandemic mean the end of Big Australia?’The Weekend Australian, 26-27 December 2020, pages 13-14.]

In March 2015, then federal Treasurer Joe Hockey told ABC Radio that “immigration is … a rather lazy way to try and grow your economy”. For a whole range of good reasons, and in synch with oft-polled public opinion on reducing immigration, then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott (and others in government who were sympathetic) could have reduced Australia’s NOM by (say) 30,000 each year thereafter. That would have brought the NOM numbers back down – in a controlled, gradual way – towards the level of the Howard government’s early years. Why didn’t Abbott and his government take action? Had they been ‘captured by Treasury’ on immigration? – a charge that Abbott later levelled against Scott Morrison.

Such graduated, ongoing, annual immigration reductions, if started in 2015, would have seen us adapt more easily to today’s circumstances, thus easing the immigration headache and avoiding the migraine altogether.

27 September 2020

The Australian Government’s Budget for 2020-21:

will ‘maintain the 2020-21 Migration Program planning level at 160,000‘ (Budget Paper 2, Part 1, page 9), as set in 2019-20

will ‘set a ceiling on the Humanitarian Program of 13,750 places’ (Budget Paper 2, Part  2, page 108), representing a reduction from the 2018-19 Humanitarian and Refugee allocation of 18,750 places

projects Net Overseas Migration falling this year and next, but climbing back to 201,100 in 2023-24. (Budget Paper 3, Appendix A, Table A.5)

Overall, population growth is expected to fall from 1.2 per cent last financial year (2019-20) to 0.2 per cent this year and 0.4 per cent in 2021-22.

There is a helpful presentation of this information here: ‘What Impact Will a Falling Population Have on the Economy?’Budget 2020: An ABC TV News Special, 6 October 2020.

7 October 2020

Here is the text that would head this page if there were no global pandemic: 

Australia’s annual net overseas migration (NOM) intake has more than doubled over the last two decades. In 1998 the NOM intake was 90,000. In the year ended March 2020, NOM added 220,500 people to the population, and accounted for 61.8 per cent of Australia’s total population growth. At that time, our annual population growth rate of 1.4% – a decade ‘low’ for Australia – was still one of the highest in the developed world. 

Bipartisanship across the major political parties has kept the idea of a lower immigration intake from becoming a real electoral issue, let alone the political reality. Both major parties are committed to high immigration. The REDUCE IMMIGRATION campaign does not oppose all immigration, but believes that policy change is needed because high immigration adversely affects our environmental and economic sustainability, social cohesion and cultural integrity. 

Around 70% of Australians are concerned about increased immigration into Australia and our high rate of population growth; they feel that Australia does not need more people. (Sources: 2013; 2019.)

This write-on campaign encourages Australian voters to express their objection to excessive immigration and to influence our immigration policy by adding a message to ballot papers in local, state and federal elections. Such write-on activity does not invalidate the ballot, does not make the vote informal, and does not contravene any laws.

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You can write the REDUCE IMMIGRATION message on any ballot paper – whether for federal, state or local government elections, or for referendums. Immigration affects every level of government because it impacts every aspect of Australian life, including border control, resources, infrastructure, education, plus health, community and human services. Whichever way you choose to vote, you can also use your ballot papers at any election to send the message about the direction in which immigration numbers should go.

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For further information, or to offer assistance with the campaign, please contact:

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Share the news! Your help in promoting the write-on campaign will be appreciated. The final answer on the FAQ page suggests a number of ways in which you can assist.

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46 thoughts on “About

  1. Probably better to write Stable Population or vote for the Stable Population Party (http://www.populationparty.org.au/) if available. The issue is about sustainable numbers and our science warned us not to go past 23 million – further,we need to re-wire the mindset to understand that stable populations work better in every way: http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=11491.

    But the issue also needs to be inclusive whether people have been born here or just arrived. As you rightly point out, 70% reject a big Australia and in many cases, more recent migrants get it better than longer term Australians.

    • Thanks, but we are well aware that many migrants, their children and grandchildren already understand the need to reduce immigration. In a population comprising approximately 45% migrants and children of migrants, we couldn’t have the high level of concern (70%) without many of them agreeing with us. Hence, the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign IS already inclusive!

      Writing ‘stable population’ on ballot papers as you suggest would leave too many unanswered questions, such as: Stabilize the population at what level/number? How? and When? Remember that immigration is responsible for 60% of our population growth at present.

      Your suggested ‘Stable Population’ is not specific enough in its targeting of the main driver, i.e. mass immigration. But many thanks for your feedback!

    • What is a “stable population”, Matt Moran? The phrase could mean either one that is neither growing nor shrinking in numbers, or else one that is ecologically stable in terms of Australia’s carrying capacity.

      If you are referring to the latter, as your reference to “our science” suggests, then quite likely we are already dangerously above sustainable numbers. In 1994 Tim Flannery thought a sustainable population for Australia would be 6 to 12 million. In the process of far exceeding those numbers we have already caused massive environmental degradation.

      Just maintaining the current population, with its intolerable pressure on this continent’s ecology, is too much. Our population should be reduced. It is not enough merely to “Reduce Immigration”. The slogan for those of us who love this land should be: “Stop Immigration – Start Repatriation”.

  2. Why do we need immigration at all? (except for some asylum seekers) Even with our low fertility rate of 1.9, we still have more births than deaths. Thus our population will continue to grow, until in the long term it will stabilize and fall. This is an evolutionary, organic, form of demographics. High immigration won’t solve any ageing population problems, but prolong them. We don’t have to be an immigration nation forever.

    • Why except “asylum seekers”.I think illegal immigrants is the more accurate term. As such they are criminals and should be subject to automatic deportation without appeal.

      Your attitude is quite common in people who are concious of the population problem. But you are still starry eyed about helping the hordes.

      The problem of immigration,illegal or otherwise,is not going to go away.Global overpopulation combined with environmental collapse and increasing political strife will see the hordes on the move.

      As an island continent Australia has the ability to protect itself from this scourge



      As an island continent Australia has the ability to protect itself from this

      • ? Problems with the commenting facility after a certain number of words !

        Addendum – Being a wishy washy,touchy feely,bleeding heart do gooder may make you feel better. But it is not going to help solve the Australian population problem or any issue related to population anywhere.

        Globally,the situation is an incipient catastrophe.Nice half measures will not suffice.
        The only alternative is environmental collapse,disease,war and starvation.
        Which road do you wish to take?

      • “.. SOME asylum seekers ..”

        What part about “SOME” do you object to?

      • Why except asylum seekers? There should not be any resettlements for asylum seekers. Asylum seekers should find sanctuary in well-financed, well-managed, well-organized UNHCR camps. The UN is not doing their job.

    • Exactly, why have immigration when it just increases population, creates environmental problems, cause prices rises to accommodate the growth. Further, government does nothing with the desperate need for more housing that is cheap, plus rent goes up higher by the year that it’s getting unaffordable, transport becomes poor and overcrowded, which doesn’t keep up with the demand of the public regardless of developments. Clashes in culture, religion and social problems increase and employment becomes a issue as well. These days I see more migrants living on the street as well and racial tensions which is not just a white targeted individuals causing problems like media tries to convey. I’ve seen racial bias with the Vietnamese and Middle Easterners in Cabramatta, Aboriginals and Sudanese, Muslims and Jewish individuals etc… Not just a white thing!

      • I agree. I’m a migrant around 1975. Immigration is fine for short term, not ongoing long term and which has now become a flood. We need to stop immigration now, as it just causes population increase, which causes so many problems and the government are slackers, especially greedy filling their own pockets. The people need affordable houses, especially for rent for families and single people, which is increasing in price because of the demand and it is becoming unaffordable. We’ve already had 2 neighbours leave without paying the rent, because they couldn’t afford it any longer. There’s not enough housing commission either and Newstart Allowance is too low to live on if you lose your job, especially with rental prices. Government needs to also bring back the special incentives they had, where education at TAFE was free for those unemployed, so they can be employable. What’s even worse is when we train overseas students, we shouldn’t be giving them citizenship here or working visas after they have completed their education, that denies their own countries of such people who desperately need them. They should send them home to help their own economies and people.

    • A fertility rate below 2.1 means we have more deaths than births actually (in the medium term). You said as much when you said our population would stabilise then fall. That’s why it’s called the replacement rate. Also in addition people leave the country through emigration.

  3. The concept of Australia as a ‘nation of immigrants’ is irrelevant, inappropriate and factually incorrect.
    . Misleading because – ultimately – the citizens of all nations are descended from people from elsewhere. So saying that we’re a nation of migrants is like saying that we’re a nation of pie eaters. True to some degree, but unexceptional to the point of irrelevance.
    . Inappropriate because, rather than focus on our shared Australian nationality (a unifying concept) it focuses on our various historical ethnic origins. In so doing, it classifies us based on an incomplete assessment of the ethnic backgrounds of our (historical) forebears. Such classifications are exclusive – ‘Anglo-Australian’ and ‘Thai-Australian’ being inherently restrictive rather than inclusive identities.
    . The nation of immigrants idea also fails on factual accuracy. At no period in Australia’s recorded history, ever, has the number of migrants here outnumbered the native born. Australia is truly a nation of natives. This is what we should be celebrating and promoting, consistent with the opinions expressed by Russel Ward in The Australian Legend.
    For the past several elections I have been writing ‘END MASS IMMIGRATION’ on my ballot papers. By preferencing minor parties and independents, the voter can also ensure that the paper is exposed to scrutineers several times on election night as their preferences are gradually eliminated.
    Congratulations on a timely and necessary campaign.

  4. Immigration the people do not control only depresses wages while raising rents and mortgages, forcing the woman to work who will then have fewer children.

    All by banksters’ design, so that their maggot media can then bleat that at 1.9 children per couple the population will go into decline, and look, all that preponderance of old people now appearing have to be supported somehow, the solution for which, they tout, is more immigration, which was what destabilised family dynamics to go into decline in the first place.

    Why do banksters need immigration to be pouring in at flood levels ?

    So that people from all races in the one place look at each much like different animals do in a zoo, with suspicion and indifference – at best.

    In this way people don’t have time to begin to understand that both commercial banking and private central banking are total frauds on all of humanity.

    Briefly, to explain, the first loans money, nearly all of which it doesn’t have, by a factor of eight or more, at interest compounding, the second issues the public’s currency as a loan at interest compounding, creating the money literally out of NOTHING.

    Forced immigration is a way of generating turmoil in the targeted country – a lesser form of warfare, and speaking of which, all wars are bankers wars, with banksters being responsible for the deaths of some 500,000,000 innocents, since the late 1700s, in order that peace is never long enough anywhere for people to realise that they don’t need these malignant parasites to issue the peoples’ currency as its only a goddamn piece of paper with drawings of stern looking persons thereon.

  5. I am for European immigration. I am totally opposed to middle eastern, Indian, communist, and Chinese immigration.

  6. It would interesting to have an analysis of the votes received by the four parties opposed to immigration – Australia First, Australian Protectionist Party, Stable Population Party and One Nation.

  7. You’re right, Outrider.

  8. STOP immigration and send immigrants home. Australia needs laws to put Australians first. Australians are sick of loosing jobs housing and futures to immigrants who can’t Pisa off home.

  9. The more that illegal immigration is allowed to increase, the more you will see the rise of radical parties to counter it, as the silent or grumbling majority do nothing, and governments cave to media and political pressure to be seen to do the humanitarian thing. We are being sold down the river.

    I only hope the Liberal Party under Malcon Turnbull does not cave in and allow the illegals in.

  10. It’s getting to the point where I would base my vote soley on the immigration issue. I think it helped Tony Abbott win the last election.

    I see various anti-immigration and anti muslim groups beginning to form. I wonder if there shouldn’t be more solidarity between such groups so that the Australian govt hears our voice.

  11. I have paid tax for 30 years , paid private rent for 25. When my family and I found ourselves homeless , due to immigrants increasing demand and cost of rental properties , I couldn’t get a housing commission in my area but refugees seem to have no problems at all. Why don’t people stay in their countries of origin and work hard at producing something worthwhile for themselves instead of riding off the back of what my forefathers built up for me and my kids.As soon as we are in real financial trouble in this country they will piss off real quick back to where they came from.Maybe the rich benefit from immigration , but we working class sure bear the brunt.

    • A percentage of refugees come here using our tax money, when they have plenty money coming to them from their homeland and family members. Refugees should have a special tax on them and pay back what it cost to keep them if they end up getting citizenship especially a job. Hence, all the accommodation, food, shelter and paperwork etc… costs us money.

  12. I feel for pensioners who have paid taxes all their lives, who are put on a tight old age pension, (have to struggle to afford basics like turning on a heater in winter)while immigrants waltz in and get looked after.

  13. The immigration numbers are not acceptable. Suburbs in Sydney are now over 90% Chinese, and these people do not abide by anti-discrimination laws and now have businesses which will only serve Chinese people.
    Notwithstanding the above, the majority of chinese immigrants are not law abiding and are extremely low class. Not meeting community standards in any way.
    The problem is, that after 5 generations, chinese still consider themselves chinese and are totally loyal to a foreign country. They never trust white people and consider it honourable to undermine the Australian community and never pay tax. The chinese community is a cash society.

    • You are spot on. Their allegiance is always to their country of origin and never to Australia. I have been refused service in both Korean and Chinese shops as they see themselves still living in their country. They are extremely racist.

      The Chinese, Korean, and Arabic immigrants in Sydney are not community minded. One only sees white Australians volunteering in the community such as the volunteer SES and volunteer fire service when watching the news about flooding or fire. Chinese, Koreans, and Arabics could not care less about anyone else but themselves. This lot make life in Sydney hell.

      Why is there a dedicated Asian crime squad?
      Why is there a dedicated middle eastern crime squad? There is no dedicated Anglosaxon crime squad.

      They do not cover their mouths when they cough. They push and elbow instead of lining up in a queue. They are loud and shout and do not seem to talk quietly. They cannot walk on the left of the foot path nor walk in a straight line. They bully and intimidate. They shout instead of debating or discussion. And they stare. They stare at people because they are better than others in their minds. Yet if you look back it infuriates them and sometimes they shout and become aggressive. This is the behaviour of peasants.
      This is how they behave in their villages where they are from. And when they come to Sydney they continue to do so because the Australian government and juditial system are so weak.

      If you look closely, there are not many white Australians left in Sydney. Many of the people here in Sydney have olive skin, brownhair, black hair, dark eyes or if they are white, they are of Slavic origin.
      It is very rare to see a fair skined Australian with blue eyes, hazel eyes or green eyes. It is even rarer to see a fair skinned Australian with rosy red cheeks. They were every where in the 1980s and 1990s but have been pushed out by the peasants arriving from third world countries such as China, Korea, and so on. These people are peasants. Uncivilised peasants. And constitute the majority of the Sydney population.

      Standards have dropped rapidly here in Sydney.

  14. Hey friends… I’m Alex, from Australia.
    I’m seeing the Continuously Rapidly INCREASING Rate Of Immigration in Australia and I’m really worried about it. Is our government is doing something to reduce it or not? Cause Too Much of Anything Proves Hazardous! I’m not being racist, but I can’t sit silent and watch while Thousands of Indians and Asians are coming here Every Year and Settling down in this land and never going back now. They come as tourists but they settle here forever. You see India is on the Top When it comes to Population and the % of people coming here will just spread and spread ..one day ..your left – your right – your front – your back will be Indian and another Indian and yeah another Indian and guess what .. Some thousands more coming this year ..and then next year and then every year lol!
    Australia’s land ain’t blessed to increase with increase in population .. Neither our resources nor our soil .. NOR OUR JOBS! They are Not unlimited. If I’m wrong, then I’m sorry! But that’s what stats show… Per capita income decreasing here.. and our resources, population, pollution, corruption, crimes, rapes .. And you know All ! More people, more diversity .. Good! But A Mess!
    Can’t we do anything?

  15. While the debate raged on about Muslim immigration, the Chinese have waltzed on in & purchased all the apartments that have built for them at the cost of locals that can’t afford to live in Sydney anymore.
    The endless developments, lockout laws, casino on public land & events like Vivid that started as an art show, have all been altered & tailored for Chinese nationals.
    The politicians and their rich mates are screwing Sydney locals so they can get all the Yuan they can get their hands on.
    It is not a matter of race. It is a foreign invasion orchestrated by our own government.
    If you question their motives then they label you a racist to try and nullify your argument.
    This trend of Chinese investment is not inclusive to everyone in Sydney, no, it is purely for them.
    This is not multiculturalism, it is one nation imposing itself on another country.

    • I completely agree. I think immigration needs to cease for the time being. It is costing us a fortune. Schools, roads, hospitals etc for all these new people.

      Enough is enough. It does make me laugh. All these immigrants want to live here because it is a nice place to live. Easy going, relaxed and quiet. But now in them all flooding in it is becoming crowded. hostile and unfriendly.

      They need to stay in their own countries, Asia, Europe, Middle East, England etc. Make the changes they want to see in their own country.

  16. There is no reason whatsoever to allow any non-white immigration WHATSOEVER. Australia is a White country and always has been. I want to live amongst my own people. It’s the most natural thing in the world. The Zionists and commies want to make it so us Whites have nowhere to run. We cannot be safe in the country we were born in. We cannot afford housing or get a decent job in the country we’re born in. Our cities are overpopulated by low-class non-whites and we hear a million different languages spoken in our ENGLISH-SPEAKING country.

    Stop ALL non-white immigration (AKA invasion) to Australia. European immigration should still be allowed but this should be a matter for another time. All non-white immigration should stop and all non-whites should be repatriated back to their countries of origin. After that is done, some European immigrants should be allowed to settle in Australia. Europeans coming into Australia are usually middle-class and well educated. They cause very little crime. They are of the same culture and are hard working. An important fact is that Europeans NEVER mass-migrate. A small amount of European immigration should be allowed.

    I hope Donald Trump becomes president. I am worried he won’t do what he says he will but if he were to accomplish even some of the most important issues Americans face regarding immigration then I will be ecstatic. He will hopefully inspire as many people around the world as he can so then perhaps we can get a White Nationalist party into parliament and fix all these unnecessary issues no Australian EVER asked for.

    • What we need is a ‘Numbers USA’ style website where we can easily compare electoral candidates and where they stand on immigration (voting record and public statements). In this way we do not have to vote for third party candidates as first preference, but we can have a tangible effect right now until the existing likely candidates all get the message.

  17. My concern is that we cannot environmentally support more people. If we continue we will see more and more poverty and starvation in a fragile environment that does not have the water supply. Do we want to see the Murray die like the Nile river and the Mediterranean? Wake up Australia! Stop talking about growth; start talking about sustainability and better management. Without water we will all die. Stop taking about racism. It has nothing to do with our environmental ability to support life.

  18. Yes I think Australia should reduce the level of immigration. Annually, we have more than 600,000 immigrants but Australian economy only create less than 200,000 jobs… And many immigrants will obviously be hard for taxpayers coz we need to feed them through centrelink…

  19. As an Australian citizen of European Maltese parents who came to Australia after WWII in the 50’s, i am appalled with the way Australia’s policies have changed in regards to immigration. My parents came to Australia upon the promotion of the Australian Government, seeking workers in agriculture and manufacturing. My parents along with other family members settled in various parts of the country (not just the cities) purely to WORK and start a new life, and integrate. NEVER EVER did they get Government assistance in terms of welfare; they only had free schooling in English to help assimilate into the Anglo majority at the time. These days we are allowing asylum seekers and other immigrants with little to no skills, lack of desire to integrate, and the wish to reap off our welfare system on the backs of hard working Australian tax payers dollars into this country. WWII was the same situation, however European immigrants never expected a silver platter by Australians. I could safely say 99% of Australians now would believe that Europeans have had a profound impact on Australia in a good way. Now note: I am all for skilled immigration and also for when we require workers in a certain area that the existing population cannot fill; not opening the flood gates to anyone and everyone. In many of our major city suburbs Australians are a minority, and we will quickly turn to England where there are “no go zones”. The Australian Government has lost control and smeared what good immigration should liken and Australians are fed up.

  20. Today’s Herald Sun, 13 dec ’16, has lead story of Chinaman spending $35 million, to buy 20 acre site in Melbourne eastern suburb and Booting out all the ridge didge honky dory Aussie pensioner and battlers many in poor health and Redeveloping the Site😡😡😡.
    If the foreigner can do it once, do it again and again.
    Denis’s REDUCE IMMIGRATION is a proven means of stopping this insanity.

  21. Gangs in Melbourne bashing raping terror attacks and our corrupt government is lying with their left wing rubbish. Stop the invasion now!

    • This country has been filled with boat loads of human trash.
      Immigrants should be prepared to assimilate and as such, only female immigrants should be considered
      Vote 1 to reduce immigration to zero net intake of only female immigrants of breeding age

  22. It’s now 2019 and we can’t even breathe thanks to a lack of infrastructure to support this nonsense. The roads have also become a public driving school for these people. Living nightmare.

  23. Just want to say thanks for your efforts in maintaining this site and getting the message out there. While there is money to be made from excessive immigration greed is going to dictate policy rather than sound social and environmental decisions. As such we are underdogs in this fight for change but it needs to continue for the sake of our children. Keep up the good work.

  24. It goes without saying the content here is so accurate for many reasons. It steers away from the accustomed traps and mistakes so many fall into- utilizing defective alternatives. Keep up the great content!

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