Vote on population growth via the Our Say website!

The Our Say website is currently running a forum relating to issues in a number of federal electorates. Vivienne Ortega has posted this question to the Melbourne electoral candidates:

What’s your opinion on a stable, sustainable population policy for Australia? Obviously our present growth, and immigration levels, can’t be sustained. Housing, costs of living, energy usage, and resource consumption all must increase with our population growth. The costs of growth are enormous, and needs to be considered in any policy making.

Anyone who registers with the Our Say website is allocated 7 votes per forum. The question attracting the highest number of votes when the forum closes will be debated further in a public setting. Please create an Our Say account and cast your votes in favour of Vivienne’s question being discussed further.

Our response to Vivienne’s question reads:

Thanks, Vivienne, for raising this important topic. Immigration contributes 60% of Australia’s annual population growth rate of 1.8%, one of the highest in the world – and our annual immigration numbers have more than doubled between 1999 and 2013. Bipartisanship across the major political parties has kept the idea of a lower immigration policy from becoming a real electoral issue, let alone the political reality. Both major parties are committed to high immigration, but this flies in the face of our environmental sustainability, social cohesion and cultural integrity. One way to alert the politicians to our concern is by writing REDUCE IMMIGRATION on ballot papers – see our website for more information about our write-on campaign:

In the same Melbourne electorate forum, Christopher Strong asks:

High rise housing is more affordable and environmentally friendly compare to urban sprawl. Why aren’t we building more high rise apartment buildings?

Our response is:

We wouldn’t need urban sprawl or high rise apartment buildings if we could persuade our national government to reduce our high rate of immigration. Our campaign to write the REDUCE IMMIGRATION message on ballot papers is already under way – see our website for more information:

Please take some time to explore the Our Say website and use its forums to advocate the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign.

And let us know if you find forums where you’d like us to comment! – we can be contacted by email at


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