Should Australia’s population be reduced?

The Sunshine Coast Daily is running an online poll that poses the question, “Should Australia’s population be reduced?”.

We encourage all our readers to vote on that question. At the time of writing, a clear majority of 68% of respondents had said “Yes”. Detailed poll results are:

35%   Yes, there are too many of us here anyway

33%   Yes, we let in too many immigrants

17%   No, our population is fine as it is

13%   No, we need a bigger population to justify economic growth

The article associated with the poll, “Big’s not better says new party”, relates to the Stable Population Party and its plan to field candidates at the 2013 federal election. Like the REDUCE IMMIGRATION campaign, they disagree with the major parties’ focus on a Big Australia.

Whoever you choose to vote for on 7 September, remember to write REDUCE IMMIGRATION on your ballot papers – and encourage your friends to do likewise!


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