Media release: Campaign to reduce mass immigration, 21 August 2013

For immediate release: August 21, 2013


A campaign to demonstrate Australians’ concern at high immigration levels and our consequent high population growth rate has been launched with an innovative strategy to write REDUCE IMMIGRATION atop both ballot papers in the coming federal election.

To publicise the campaign, Paul Madigan and Denis McCormack are standing as Independent candidates for the seat of Flinders in Victoria.

“Recent surveys and many others over the last two decades have shown that approximately 70% of Australians are concerned and oppose high immigration,” says Mr McCormack. “We share that majority view because current, excessively high immigration threatens our environmental sustainability, social cohesion and cultural integrity. Annual immigration numbers have more than doubled between 1999 and 2013. Immigration contributes 60% of our annual population growth rate of 1.8%, one of the highest in the world.”

Both Mr Madigan and Mr McCormack encourage Australian voters to write REDUCE IMMIGRATION in blank spaces at the top of ballot papers, after numbering all boxes as they wish.

A similar campaign successfully encouraged voters in 1982 to write ‘No Dams’ on ballot papers. It worked in Flinders with 40% writing NO DAMS on ballots. When votes are being counted, scrutineers, media and officials of the Australian Electoral Commission report an effective write-on campaign.

“We are delighted to have received messages of support from two champions of conservation, Dr John Coulter and Dr Geoff Mosley. They both recommend the ‘write-on’ concept,” says Mr McCormack.

Dr John Coulter, a Senator and leader for the Australian Democrats from 1987 to 1995, has a decades-long interest in population, environment and sustainability. Mr McCormack says: “He has told us that he agrees with the Reduce Immigration write-on campaign, and will be doing so himself come September 7.”

Mr McCormack adds: “Dr Geoff Mosley, as Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation from 1973 to 1986, helped coordinate the ‘No Dams’ write-on campaign in 1982. He is still a very active and an internationally respected guiding elder for the real conservationist and environment movement (not Greens). He is the most senior ACF Council member and has for decades been active in trying to slow population growth in Australia. He remains a great advocate for the write-on method of voicing opinion when mainstream parties refuse to listen. Geoff wrote ‘Reduce Immigration’ atop his ballot papers at the 2010 Federal Election and intends to do so again this time. He urges people in Flinders and all around Australia who are lucky enough to hear about this great opportunity to do so too.”

Many migrants, their children and grandchildren already understand the need to reduce immigration. “In a population comprising approximately 45% migrants and children of migrants, the high level of concern (70%) would not exist without many of them agreeing with us. Hence, the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign is not divisive. This is about the future, not the past,” says Mr McCormack.

Mr Madigan and Mr McCormack encourage every Australian who wants to see immigration reduced to participate in the write-on campaign. The concept works in every electorate.


Paul Madigan (66), farmer, singer-songwriter and broadcaster, has spoken publicly against high immigration, both on radio and through previous electoral candidacies. He stood for Australians Against Further Immigration in 1996 and as an Independent in Flinders, 2004. He has lived on French Island, in the heart of the Flinders electorate, for over a decade. He is a former President of the French Island Community Association. Madigan’s in Brunswick was a successful venue for all sorts of innovative artists during the 1990s.

Denis McComack (59) is a researcher and analyst of immigration issues. His writings have appeared in many publications, both in Australia and internationally. He was a co-founder and electoral candidate for Australians Against Further Immigration (1990-1997) and for Graeme Campbell’s Australia First Party (1998). Since 1992 Denis has been the Australian correspondent for The Social Contract, an American quarterly journal which covers population, immigration, environment / carrying capacity and multicultural issues. He was an adviser to Graeme Campbell MP, independent member for Kalgoorlie, from 1994 to 1998.


Paul Madigan:   0410 646 076

Denis McCormack:   (03) 9481 1774

Both Mr Madigan and Mr McCormack aim to attend all “Meet the Candidates” evenings in the Flinders electorate. Meetings are being planned for Hastings on Tuesday 27 August, Cowes on Friday 30 August and Dromana on Monday 2 September.






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