ABC Radio National’s “Politics in the Pub”

Proponents of the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign and Independent candidates for Flinders (Vic), Paul Madigan and Denis McCormack, were in the audience for ABC Radio National’s inaugural live “Politics in the Pub” event last night.

Disappointingly, there was no opportunity for audience participation – except for the expectation of applause at cued-in times. The audience was also expected to laugh, because the panellists were reputedly funny, but frankly, there was nothing to laugh at – and much to improve upon if the ABC’s aim is to create an interesting radio program that better reflects the diversity of ideas being aired during this campaign.

Our resident tweeter listened in from home and thought it was a rather dismal way to spend an hour. About half-way through, she decided to try to alleviate boredom by tweeting. For the record, here are her posts to Twitter. She’ll aim to do better next week, and fondly hopes that Radio National will also lift its game!


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