Abbott vs Rudd – some lessons from 2010‏

An essay about Abbott vs Rudd in 2010 was submitted to The Social Contract on 2 June 2010 but was unpublished at that time due to Julia Gillard’s coup against Kevin Rudd on 23 June of the same year.

It was originally sent as an email to the founding editor of The Social Contract and is now reproduced in that format here, with some minor corrections and expansion of abbreviations.

The change of Australian Prime Minister from Rudd to Gillard on 24 June 2010 made the article redundant, and therefore it was not published at that time.

Publishing this draft now on the REDUCE IMMIGRATION website is stimulated not only by the imminent federal election with its return bout between Abbott and Rudd.

Its publication is also prompted by the need to demonstrate that our friends in the mainstream media have been given ample opportunity to absorb the REDUCE IMMIGRATION message, and that the facts of the ongoing boat-people fiascos and the crimes and methods of people-smugglers have long been known (as per the Herald Sun front-page story from 1999, incorporated towards the end of the draft article). These are not new issues in 2013.

Here we are again in 2013 with Abbott vs Krudd, so enjoy some otherwise hard-to-know background about these two. Drafted in 2010, it’s even more pertinent now.


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