Setting the record straight re: origin of Temporary Protection Visas

One method by which Australia could reduce immigration would be by reinstating the Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) that were in place from 1999 (under the Howard government) until scrapped by the first Rudd government in 2008.

The Liberal-National Coalition has announced that, if elected to government on 7 September, they would reinstate a TPV system for asylum seekers.

Pauline Hanson, now a Senate candidate for One Nation in New South Wales, spoke at a dinner event in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills on 30 August 2013. During the evening she reiterated her frequent claim that Howard had copied her TPV policy.

This is not strictly accurate. We present here a timeline showing that One Nation adopted the TPV concept from Australians Against Further Immigration (AAFI).

Denis McCormack, as a co-founder of AAFI and its media spokesman, first defined the TPV concept in a statement made to ABC local radio on Refugee Day, 24 June 1994. Here is the 2 pm edited news version of Mr McCormack’s suggestion, followed by an extemporised negative editorial comment from afternoon host Jon Faine. (In those days the station was known at 3LO; now it’s 774.)  Click on the arrow below to listen to the audio file:

The other two AAFI co-founders and principal office bearers (nationally) rang Mr McCormack immediately to say that they had heard the broadcast, loved the idea, and would instantly adopt it as AAFI policy.

In 1996, Graeme Campbell’s new Australia First party also adopted the TPV policy, some months before Hanson’s maiden speech (10 September 1996).

It wasn’t until early 1998, when the other two AAFI co-founders joined Hanson’s One Nation party as immigration policy gurus (and as leaders of the Victorian branch, and as future candidates for One Nation), that the TPV concept was grafted on to the rest of One Nation’s immigration policy (already largely derived from AAFI policy).

In 1999, when journalists condemned Howard’s TPV system for copying “Hanson’s policy,” Mr McCormack alerted them to the 1994 initiation of the concept, well before Hanson or Howard.

As far as he knows, none of the individuals to whom Mr McCormack played the 1994 audio has repeated the error – but plenty of their ignorant colleagues in the media and academia have, and still do – as does Hanson …

Hanson’s readiness to diverge from the facts is confirmed by something else she said from the podium at the Hahndorf dinner on 30 August. At question time, Evonne Moore, a dinner guest, distributed copies of our REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign leaflet and presented a full explanation to the gathering …

… to which the determinedly ignorant Ms Hanson responded in words close to: “I wouldn’t recommend people do that because it will invalidate your vote.”

… to which Evonne patiently bounced up on her feet again and countered Hanson’s misleading advice with a re-explanation of the write-on concept, urging the audience to read both sides of the leaflet – and act on it!

We encourage our readers to tell family and friends to do the same on Saturday.


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  1. Mr Faine has his priorities wrong

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