Further results from our federal election campaign

Did you write REDUCE IMMIGRATION on your ballot papers for September’s federal election? If so, many thanks.

Many readers have asked us about the impact of the recent write-on campaign. We all appreciate that the Australian Electoral Commission counts votes, not write-on slogans – meaning that it is unlikely that we will ever know how many write-ons were stimulated by our campaign. When the AEC produces its final report on the election, however, we’ll be looking for references and information that might assist us in understanding the impact of our activity.

Meanwhile, we can advise that the poll has been officially declared in the Victorian division of Flinders where Denis McCormack and Paul Madigan stood as Independent candidates. The final figures reveal that Madigan and McCormack gained a combined 1.26% of the first-preference vote. We remind readers that these candidates stood not to attract votes, but to promote the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign.

As we noted in our post on the day after the election, their combined result compares very well with the voting in Flinders for candidates from the minor registered political parties: we trounced the Family First Party (1.16%), the Australian Christians (0.56%), the Rise Up Australia Party (0.51%) and the Non-Custodial Parents Party (0.23%).

We are grateful to The Independent Australian whose editor has recently analysed the results gained by registered parties that campaigned overtly on issues relating to population and immigration. His article, ‘How did the parties with low immigration policies fare in the election?’, includes some interesting reflections that might stimulate fresh approaches by those parties in their future electoral campaigns.

Once again, we congratulate Mr Madigan and Mr McCormack on their energetic campaigning for the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on, and their positive results in Flinders.


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