Launch of ‘Victoria First’

A well-attended public meeting of Victoria First was held on Sunday 1 December 2013 to launch this new organisation.

We congratulate Kelvin Thomson MP on his initiative and careful planning, leading to successful decision-making on the day and a robust discussion session.

As reported in our earlier post, Victoria First intends to advocate for social and political change in order to:

  • halt Melbourne’s rapid population growth
  • achieve a reduction in Australia’s migration programs to the levels of the 1980s and 1990s, i.e. net 70,000 per annum compared with the 190,000 (sic) we have now

We believe that the current migration intake is actually much higher than Victoria First’s stated figure, but are pleased to support any coherent campaign to reduce immigration. The meeting learned that  Victoria First intends to focus on grassroots initiatives, including the leafleting of particular electorates at decisive points.

Victoria First’s meeting was attended by several members of the REDUCE IMMIGRATION team, and Denis McCormack was able to promote our write-on campaign during the open discussion session.

A short report of the meeting can be read on the blog of The Independent Australian.

Mr Thompson said in a message sent out after the launch: “Thank you to everyone who attended the first meeting of Victoria First. I was greatly encouraged by the attendance and the enthusiasm of all concerned, and by the generosity of those who became members. For those who were unable to attend please see the speech on Youtube from the launch.”  (Note: while the sound of the first few minutes of the film is not clear, the rest of the film  is fine.)  A PDF document containing the text of Mr Thomson’s speech is available here.

A copy of the meeting resolutions is provided below. (Click on the document to enlarge it.)



3 thoughts on “Launch of ‘Victoria First’

  1. Australia must stop mass immigration or suffer an unsustainable civilization that will fracture culturally, linguistically and environmentally. Australia must lead the world in common sense by stopping mass immigration. With 80 million desperate people added to the world annually, it is hopeless, futile and stupid to keep adding more immigrants. You do not solve the problem. You create more of it. Frosty Wooldridge, 6 continent world bicycle traveler who has seen overpopulation up close and ugly

  2. This news item has been expanded on 7 December with the inclusion of the paragraph about a YouTube video filmed at the launch meeting, and the text of Mr Thomson’s speech at the launch.

  3. Victoria’s economy is firmly founded on housing and property development. While this brings in healthy revenues such as stamp duties and taxes, the downstream costs are rarely mentioned or considered. Rising unemployment, congestion, overloaded infrastructure and dis economies of scale are some of the fallouts. Governments worship and totally support population growth, for the short-term gains, but they can’t manage the fact that it means we end up with a BIGGER population! The glimmer of hope is that under Kelvin Thomson’s leadership, and strong lobbying, something can be done to protect our living standards and environment from excessive population growth. We need to aim for zero net growth as nothing can grow forever!

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