Majority vote against immigration in #swissreferendum

Last Sunday, Swiss voters were given the opportunity to vote in a national referendum on the issue of mass immigration and the free movement of labour between the EU and Switzerland.

A majority of voters (50.3%) in a majority of cantons supported the anti-immigration proposal. This means that the Swiss government is now mandated to act on the issue. We hope that it responds honourably and in accordance with the direction given by the electorate.

Robert Henderson comments wisely from the UK, however, and urges caution before celebration. He observes: “The Swiss political elite are, like our political elite, Quislings in  the service of internationalism. They will do everything possible to circumvent this result.”

Here in Australia, our government’s planned immigration intake for 2013-14 is set at 214,000 across all categories (including refugees). We understand that this target is a legacy of the Gillard (Labor) government’s decision-making. It is not yet clear what future intakes are being planned by the Abbott (Coalition) government. In the past, Abbott has advocated for reduced immigration but more recently he has sided with the voices demanding a Big Australia. The budget statements in May 2014 could be the first we hear about which way he’ll move on this essential issue.

Meanwhile, like the Swiss, we can use the voting system to influence change.

Voters in South Australia should support the Stop Population Growth Now party which is fielding two candidates on a “reduce immigration” platform at the state election on 15 March 2014. Bob Crouch and Alex Hodges are standing for the Legislative Council (upper house). We wish them well in their campaign.

Tasmanians also go to the polls on 15 March. Voters in both states should mark their ballot papers with the REDUCE IMMIGRATION slogan.

Writing REDUCE IMMIGRATION on ballot papers at local, state and federal elections and by-elections in Australia does not invalidate the ballot, does not make the vote informal, and does not contravene any laws. The write-on campaign is a way to alert our decision-makers to the urgent need for policy reform on mass immigration.


Readers following the Swiss referendum and related developments might be interested in this commentary by US writer Diana West, published by WND on 28 March 2014: ‘A nation’s attempt to survive isn’t “racism”.’

‘Immigration caps to reduce ecological footprint’, Swiss Info, 10 October 2014.

Rejection of Ecopop voteSwiss Info, 1 December 2014.


What do candidates in #Griffithvotes think about immigration?

The Reduce Immigration team recently contacted each of the candidates in the Griffith by-election to seek their views on Australia’s immigration numbers.

We let them know that we advocate a reduction in Australia’s overall immigration intake and are not opposed to all immigration, but believe that high immigration adversely affects our environmental sustainability, social cohesion and cultural integrity. Then we invited them to respond to these questions:

  1. What are your views on immigration numbers?
  2. Will you help promote the “REDUCE IMMIGRATION” write-on campaign during the lead-up to the by-election?
  3. Do you have any comments, suggestions or requests relating to these matters?

Of the 11 candidates, we received no response from five and a mixture of unenlightening and guarded responses from the remaining six. To read the detail, click HERE.

It’s unfortunate that, this time around, voters in Griffith who are concerned about immigration don’t have any candidate to support – as far as we know! But all Griffith voters can use their ballot paper on 8 February 2014 to send the REDUCE IMMIGRATION message to Canberra on polling day.

Let us know if you find this survey report helpful.