Have your say on Australia’s refugee intake

The Herald Sun, a Melbourne-based newspaper, has launched an “issues survey” and invites the public to participate.

The survey includes two questions relating to immigration issues:

#55 of the 60-question survey asks:

Should Australia:

    • Increase our refugee intake?
    • Reduce our refugee intake?
    • Maintain the current refugee intake?

#56 requests a yes / no response to the question:

Do you support the Abbott Government’s tough stance
on asylum seekers who arrive by boat?

We encourage everyone to use this survey as a means of voicing opinion on these important issues that relate to Australia’s immigration and border-control policies.

Some of the other issues being canvassed by the 2014 survey relate to infrastructure and services that are under pressure due to Australia’s high immigration rate.

The Herald Sun has a good track record of surveying its readers on topical issues. In 2005, for instance, the paper reported that 69 percent of survey respondents had expressed concern about “immigration problems” and had recognised this as one of our biggest challenges. (An article discussing that survey’s results was published in The Social Contract, Winter 2004-2005, pages 124-125.)

To access the 2014 survey via the Herald Sun website, go to: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/have-your-say-in-the-herald-sun-issues-survey/story-fni0fit3-1226837616826

Alternatively, for direct access to the survey site you can go to: http://survey.websurveycreator.com/galaxy/readerssurvey

Please note that, to submit a valid response, you need to answer all 60 “issues” questions plus a few demographic questions at the end.

The Herald Sun launched its survey on 26 February 2014. No closing date appears to have been announced, but we urge our readers to respond as soon as possible in order to record their views.

We hope to be able to share the survey results, once they are released, via this website, and to use the results in our REDUCE IMMIGRATION campaign.


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