#Budget2014: immigration target unchanged; still too high.

Australia’s national budget for 2014-15 was announced this evening.

In the lead-up period, there was strong advocacy of the need to reduce immigration. Alan Kohler spoke out clearly: “So what’s the problem? Simply that Australia’s population grew by nearly 8,000 people per week last year…” (The Australian, 6 May 2014) and Jenny Goldie did the maths: “We could save $20 billion by bringing immigration back to under 100,000” (The Australian, 8 May 2014).

We are therefore disappointed to find that the Abbott (Coalition) government has utterly failed to embrace the opportunity to reduce immigration and its associated costs.

Australia’s immigration targets for 2014-15 are now revealed in the Department of Immigration and Border Control’s Fact Sheet 20 – Migration Program Planning Levels and are unchanged since early this year: once again, there are 190,000 places in the Migration program and 13,750 places in the Humanitarian program. The total planned intake for the coming year is therefore 203,750.

In opposition in 2010, the Coalition promised to reduce “net overseas migration … to no more than 170,000 per year”. More recently, in 2013, they undertook to “ensure that our non-discriminatory immigration programme helps those in need and serves our national interest”. (See here for the sources of these policy statements.)

Our environmental sustainability, social cohesion and cultural integrity are matters of national interest but they are not well served by high immigration. In fact, as our evolving bibliography of media coverage on this topic shows, Australia’s national interest is threatened by high immigration.

The national interest is what we choose to make it. Tonight’s budget betrays that interest. All who have the opportunity to vote and to influence government policy should share news of the REDUCE IMMIGRATION campaign with their family and friends.


One thought on “#Budget2014: immigration target unchanged; still too high.

  1. Indeed – The more people Labor brings into the country on boats, the more votes they get even though they lose some preferences to the Greens.

    They are signing them up in Jakarta on the electoral rolls and by the time they’ve got to Ashmore Reef theres thousands of the little voters hanging off the side. All of them registered in a different electorate!

    As Cory Bernadi said – Tricky, Very Tricky.

    This would be a VERY conservative country without the influence of rampant immigration – in fact we’d probably be more right that the Third Reich, only a bit more casual.

    Also, the more people the Liberals bring in, usually on illegal immigration visas, and carting luggage stuffed with gold bullion, rifles and vials of exotic pharmaceuticals, the more money their business mates make from selling them products. Or Rolls Royces. Or hunting machine pistols.

    Someone has to break the cycle. Or the whole country is going to be over the voting age and wearing bicycle shorts.

    As I’ve posted elsewhere,I joined Population Stable Party of Australia last year,and they will be standing candidates for the Senate for the 2015 election.

    However some people loosen the privilege of being Australians by committing major crimes and not just against grammar and spelling, and Australia will be a better place if we can deport pretty well all citizens,in my opinion of course.Or indeed in the opinion of everyone else I’ve heard and repeated.

    I don’t regard that view as being racist and to be frank, so what if it is.I think other countries have similar policies,Canada for one, and nobody calls them racist, well apart from the eskimos but they have got a chip on their shoulder anyway.

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