Must Melbourne keep growing? Open mike meeting on #PopulationGrowth

In response to the latest official projections for population growth in Melbourne and Victoria, Victoria First Inc has issued a warning: “Melbourne will continue to grow both upwards and outwards, continuing its path to becoming an obese, hardened artery parody of its former self”.

Victoria First Inc was launched in December 2013 and hosted well-attended meetings in February and April 2014. It advocates a reduction in Australia’s immigration program.

Kelvin Thomson MP, the group’s President, has announced details of the next public meeting. Its topic is Must Melbourne keep growing? The meeting is being hosted jointly by Victoria First and Sustainable Population Australia. The format of the afternoon is a panel discussion and open mike.

As Victoria First’s website is still in development, we are pleased to assist by publishing information about the meeting here:

Date:   Saturday 14 June 2014

Start time:   2.00 pm

Venue:   Chandelier Room, Hawthorn Arts Centre, 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Victoria

Melway:   Map 45 Ref D 10

Transport tips:   The nearest railway station is Glenferrie. Tram route 69 runs along Glenferrie Road. Car-parking is available via Oxley Street.

Topic:   “Must Melbourne keep growing?”

Panellists (with links to their speeches, published after the event on YouTube)

Kelvin Thomson MP, federal Member for Wills and President of Victoria First (speech via YouTube)

Clifford Hayes, planning activist and former Mayor of Bayside City Council (speech via YouTube)

Sheila Newman, author and editor of (speech via YouTube)

William Bourke, President of the Sustainable Population Party (speech via YouTube)

 Click here to download a flyer about the event.

Click here to watch the Open Mic session via YouTube.


Further information about the meeting and the joint hosts is available from:

Victoria First Inc: Julianne Bell, Secretary (email:; mobile: 0408 022 408)

Sustainable Population Australia: Jill Quirk, President (email:; mobile: 0409 742 927)


One thought on “Must Melbourne keep growing? Open mike meeting on #PopulationGrowth

  1. The massive growth of Melbourne is assumed by planners and the State government as a fait accompli, without democratic consultation on the size and direction our city is fast-tracking towards. Most of the millions of extra imported people living our our city by 2050 will not be descendants of existing population now! They will be imported, under the guise of “economic growth” – a useless metric that fails to reflect current constraints such as unemployment, pressure on existing services, the congestion problem that hasn’t got any long-term solutions, and the reduction in Federal funding. Growth that’s not organic, and natural, is obesity – a disease that causes internal and external stresses and pressures. Why aren’t more politicians questioning Plan Melbourne, besides MP Kelvin Thomson? (to his credit). They all obviously have their snouts in the trough of revenue from property developers and other growth-pushers – at the cost of a sustainable future and a liveable city.

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