Victoria First will consider motion supporting the Reduce Immigration write-on

At next Saturday’s meeting of Victoria First, a motion about the REDUCE IMMIGRATION campaign will be proposed. Here’s the wording:

That Victoria First:

  • endorse the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign as a non-partisan strategy to raise awareness of the need to reduce net overseas immigration;
  • encourage voters to use their ballot papers as a legitimate vehicle for popularising the REDUCE IMMIGRATION message;
  • advocate the benefits of the campaign to other organisations (e.g. SPA, SPP, ACF, Greens, etc) that share Victoria First’s concern about high immigration rates force-feeding our high population growth rate; and
  • promote the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign as part of Victoria First’s communications to its members and to the general public.

The meeting is open to everyone: to members of Victoria First (an incorporated association that is ‘fighting to halt rapid population growth’) as well as to all others. If you are in Victoria on Saturday 2 August, please attend this public meeting and support the discussion.

If you can’t attend but you support the motion, why not email your endorsement of it to Kelvin Thomson MP, the President of Victoria First (
If you like, copy us in (

Regardless of where you live, this is an important opportunity to publicise the REDUCE IMMIGRATION campaign.

As Victoria First’s website is still in development, we are pleased to publish details of their meeting here:

Date:         Saturday 2 August 2014

Time:       2 pm – 4 pm

Venue:    Frankston Life Saving Club, Frankston Victoria.
The club house is on the Frankston foreshore, at the end of Wells Street near the intersection with the Nepean Highway. McDonalds is on the corner.

Melway: Map 102 Ref C 2

Transport tips:   The nearest railway station is Frankston. Disabled parking is available. Free parking is available in nearby shopping centre car-parks.

Guest speaker:    Mr Ian Hundley, public transport advocate

Topic:    “The transport crisis in the Frankston area: issues of economy, ecology and social connectedness”

Click to download a flyer about the event, and a map showing local parking.


Victoria First was launched in December 2013 and hosted well-attended meetings in various suburbs of Melbourne in February, April and June 2014.

Further information about the Frankston meeting and Victoria First Inc is available from the Secretary, Julianne Bell, via email ( or phone (0408 022 408). If you wish to join Victoria First, you can subscribe on the day.


Murdoch on open-door #immigration despite #newspoll results

Rupert Murdoch last night urged Australia to ‘throw open its doors’ to sustained high immigration. This is not the first time that the influential magnate has made this call, and we fear it won’t be the last.

He also said, ‘We must be open to immigrants, to their desire to improve themselves and to the resulting improvement in our country. I look at stalled immigration reform in the US, stalled by the intransigence of both Left and Right, and I see wasted opportunity for the country.’

Needless to say, we disagree. As, clearly, do a majority of our ‘intransigent’ friends in the USA.

Generalised statements such as Murdoch’s are rarely backed up by accurate numbers. It’s also the case that data about immigration is complicated and highly contested. Murdoch’s paper, The Australian, today adds to the confusion by publishing the results of its latest Newspoll survey under the heading, ‘Two-thirds majority back current or higher immigration intake’.

The survey actually revealed that only 22% of respondents want an increase to the intake, while 27% want a decrease. 48% say ‘stay the same as now’ – perhaps indicating a reluctance to express an opinion to a stranger over the telephone. The remaining 4% responded ‘None’ (does this mean ‘No immigrants at all?)  or ‘Don’t know’.

The article interpreting the Newspoll data also reports that ‘just 14 per cent of Australians want to see more Muslim migrants, and 37 per cent favour a cut’. It could therefore easily have been retitled:  ‘Two-thirds majority back current or lower immigration intake, and a third want fewer Muslims”.

Importantly, the article confirms that Australia has ‘the world’s largest per capita intake’.

And don’t we know it! The Migration Policy Institute estimates Australia’s intake in 2014 as 5.74 migrants per 1,000 head of existing population while the USA’s intake is 2.45 migrants per 1,000 head.

We take issue with the accuracy of the Newspoll survey which defies decades of data to the contrary.  The REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign is therefore a must for all those who want to see a decrease in Australia’s planned migration intake.

News round-up on Australia’s immigration problems and #PopulationGrowth

Pressure continues to build on Australia’s current population due to high immigration. The causes, symptoms and frustrations are revealed in a number of articles and interviews published in the last two months.

We have updated our bibliography to include a selection of recent media items.

We have also added links to YouTube coverage of  the June meeting of Victoria First, here, including the Open Mic session.

Enjoy the read!