The Big #PopulationGrowth Debate


Will Melbourne still be the most liveable city by 2050?

Afterword:   A video recording was made of the the evening’s proceedings. Part 1 (The Debate) is available by clicking HERE.  Part 2 (the Open Mike / Q&A session) is available by clicking HERE.
John Masanauskas of the Herald Sun reported the event on 18 October 2014:  Mayor backs push for referendum on population.


You are warmly invited to attend a debate between:

ROBERT DOYLE, Melbourne’s Lord Mayor (“Population growth is inevitable in our great urban centres so we need to plan for it.”)


KELVIN THOMSON, MP, President, Victoria First (“Population growth is neither inevitable nor desirable, it damages our way of life and our children’s future.”)

Moderator : MICHAEL SHORT, The Age – Editor of “The Zone”

with an OPEN MIKE for questions


Venue:   Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne

Date:      Monday 13 October 2014

Time:     This event commences at 5.30 pm sharp and runs until 7 pm



Brought to you by Planning Backlash, a coalition of Melbourne’s community and resident groups

Download a flier with the above details, HERE

Please share the news of this event by promoting this web-page to your family and friends.


One thought on “The Big #PopulationGrowth Debate

  1. Doyle’s basic premise that our population growth is “inevitable” is flawed, and glaringly wrong! It’s a result of social-engineering, mainly through tweaking our rates of overseas immigration. How can there be a robust debate on a false premise?
    On this basis, each generation will have to accumulate population growth to keep their economy functional, and “young”. So, the next generation, and the generation after that, will have to keep growing in a big Ponzi pyramid, or a growing snowball? It’s unsustainable and illogical.

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