‘BOOM GOES OUR CITY’ therefore #ReduceImmigration

Previous messageNext messageThe Australian Bureau of Statistics released its publication 3235.0 – Population by Age and Sex, Regions of Australia, 2013 – on 28 August 2014.

The Herald Sun reported this on 30 August under the heading  ‘BOOM GOES OUR CITY’.

The concise p. 3 article (all of 43 words long!)‏ reads:

Melbourne’s population has outgrown Sydney’s in most age groups over the past five years, says a new Australian Bureau of Statistics report. Between 2008 and 2013, Melbourne grew by 416,500 to reach 4.35 million, while Sydney added 347,500 to reach 4.76 million.

Then on p. 4 of the same newspaper Jessica Marszalek writes about ‘10 million Chinese buyers look to buy Australian homes’. This longstanding problem is at last gaining significant attention across all media.

And there really is nothing we won’t sell, is there? – ‘Sick international children to pay for Royal Children’s Hospital beds and cures’.

Update, 25 February 2015: Following an enquiry into the enforcement of rules around foreign property investment, the Australian government has today proposed that foreign buyers of Australian real estate should pay an application fee of at least AUD $5,000. The fee will rise in proportion to the price being paid for the real estate. Click here to read the ABC’s coverage of this news.

We thank all who made submissions to the government enquiry and congratulate Simon Hosking whose petition via Change.org made a strong contribution. Click here to read his report on the result.

We are concerned, however, that the proposed fee structure will not be a sufficient deterrent to reduce the pressure on Australia’s housing stock for local residents. A reduction in immigration is also required.

Update, 5 September 2015: The ABC TV program, The Business, has exposed links between crime, money laundering and the Australian real estate / housing market. Watch ‘Warnings that Australian property is the target of foreign criminals’, broadcast on 3 September 2015, for a revealing, comprehensive update that, among other useful things, points out the fact that there has been some reluctance by successive Australian governments to rein it in.


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