Will Population Growth Q&A @wheelercentre tackle the #ReduceImmigration challenge?

The next event in the Wheeler Centre’s ‘Question Time’ series will focus on Population Growth.

If you are in Melbourne on Wednesday 13 May, from 6.15 to 7.15 pm, you may wish to attend and participate in the discussion.

Here’s the blurb from the Wheeler Centre’s website:

Through a full hour of Q&A with our expert panellists, we’ll explore the many facets of the population question in Australia, and how they intersect with the broader implications of a burgeoning global population. Has there been a true governmental strategy since Rudd’s Big Australia? What are the current trends in Australia’s population growth, and how have they changed? And what advances are we seeing in food, water and energy systems to support communities around the world?

Host Madeleine Morris will facilitate your discussion with panellists including environmentalist and former Australian Conservation Foundation president Ian Lowe, environmental policy and urban planning expert Michael Buxton, and internationally-renowned medical anthropologist, social historian and public health researcher Lenore Manderson.

Big questions for the panel to address must be about the impact of our current high rate of growth through immigration, and what the Australian government should be doing to REDUCE IMMIGRATION.

During his term as president of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), Ian Lowe prevaricated over this issue. The ACF’s failure to adhere to its own policy statement (‘ACF urges the Commonwealth to reduce net migration to a level that is consistent with a goal of environmental sustainability’) was the subject of our post in late January.

The event at the Wheeler Centre is free of charge, but bookings are requested via this web page. The Wheeler Centre is located at 176 Little Lonsdale Street, in the State Library of Victoria complex.



4 thoughts on “Will Population Growth Q&A @wheelercentre tackle the #ReduceImmigration challenge?

  1. Our governments make these immigration decisions in departments, behind doors, and they fail to allow the public to contribute to any debate on our population growth. Insidiously, it’s then quietly assumed that the doubling of our population in 40 years is somehow inevitable, a “challenge” that we must face! Tools are used to silence the public, such as the great benefits of “diversity” we all want and need, the policy of Multiculturalism, and the demonizing of asylum seekers used as a smoke-screen to give us the illusion that the government is “tough” on border control! This topic impacts and changes the face of Australia so profoundly and needs to be open to the light of public debate – and transparency.

    • Unchallenged illegal immigration via people smugglers is as much of a threat to Australia’s long term social, political and environmental sustainability as is the current skilled immigration program.

      You only have to look to the illegal immigration crisis in Europe at present to see that people smuggling can and will result in unsustainable population growth just as surely as our current skilled immigration program, but that is totally chaotic and an existential threat to Australia as we know it.

      I am just thankful that the coalition is acting decisively on people smuggling even if they do not acknowledge that population growth, what ever its source, is an existential threat to Australia.

  2. Unfortunately, a lobby group is left to open this important debate, not our government that keeps hiding behind Multiculturalism, and asylum seekers, to divert debate. There is no “debate” on immigration, and the Australian public are lead to believe that our doubling of population in 40 years is somehow inevitable, and we must accept it – and all the challenges! It’s far from being inevitable, but it’s forced on us. It’s an area of government completely devoid of science, common sense, logic, and public input. Australia is being overloaded, and population growth is being used to boost our GDP with out considering all the parameters and implications of this massive growth! Our future is dim with 70 million or more people to accommodate, at a crucial time of chronic shortages, global overpopulation challenges, resource depletions and climate change.

  3. Hmmm. I am finding clear-headed, insightful, intelligent discussion from people who see the present and future pitfalls of soft and open immigration policy.

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