Have your say on Australia’s high #Immigration and the need to #ReduceImmigration

There are two new opportunities for Australians to have a say on issues relating to our current high levels of net overseas immigration.

One is quick and easy to do. Sign the Change.org petition initiated by Planning Backlash Inc., calling for a referendum on Australia’s present high growth rate. The petition proposes an Australia-wide referendum question as follows:

‘Do you agree that Australia should keep on growing at the present rate because of the much higher immigration numbers that the government has introduced? Yes or No.’

Comments made online by those who’ve already signed the petition show that there is strong, thoughtful and sincere support for reduced immigration levels and for this referendum proposal.

The second opportunity is offered by the Productivity Commission which is conducting an inquiry into ‘Migrant Intake into Australia’. The Commission has released an Issues Paper that provides demographic and other data as a background to the inquiry. The main thrust of their investigation is into the use of charges (e.g. fees, taxes, impacts and effects) rather than quotas to determine the intake of temporary and permanent migrants into Australia. Importantly, the inquiry is open to comments on the cultural, social and demographic impacts of immigration and its agglomeration, environmental, amenity and congestion effects. We congratulate the Australian Government for initiating this inquiry.

You can register a brief comment online, through the Inquiry’s website, or lodge a more substantial submission. The due date for submissions is Friday 12 June 2015. Submissions are being published online as they are received, and already make interesting reading.

There is also an ongoing method for Australian voters to make known their desire to REDUCE IMMIGRATION. It’s a technique available to each voter at every election – federal, state and local. Follow any how-to-vote card that takes your fancy. Then use your ballot papers to express an additional message about the direction we want Australia to go in the future: write REDUCE IMMIGRATION in the clear space at the top of each ballot paper. (Any questions? Read our FAQ page!)

Don’t forget to let your family, friends and followers know about these opportunities.


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