This #AustraliaDay, support @RealBobKatter call for cut to mass migration

Let’s all congratulate Bob Katter, MP for the federal electorate of Kennedy in northern Queensland, for adding his voice to the legions who already want our government to REDUCE IMMIGRATION.

In a recent media release, Katter called for ‘a cut to mass migration and for visas to be limited to one-half of the jobs generated annually in Australia’.

Speaking on the steps of Parliament House in Canberra with members of the Jewish and Sikh communities, David Adler and Amar Singh, Katter launched an online petition that gives us all the chance to have our say on issues relating to the current high levels of net overseas immigration.

Mr Katter’s petition requests the Australian Government to reduce the number of people coming into Australia on ‘term visas’, namely migration visas, s457 and s417 work visas and student visas:

We request that the current level of over 600,000 visas per year be reduced to a number that is one-half of the new jobs generated annually.

This would mean a reduction in the number of “term visas” from 620,000 per year to around 100,000 per year.

Comments made online by those who’ve already signed the petition show that there is strong and thoughtful support for reduced immigration levels and for Mr Katter’s initiative.

This Tuesday, 26 January 2016, is Australia Day, so let’s celebrate by taking a moment to sign the petition, and by sending Mr Katter an email to congratulate and encourage him.

Another method for influencing policy in regard to Australia’s unsustainable high immigration is through a plebiscite, with the necessary bipartisan support. We wrote about this in August 2015. In the current absence of such a strategy, the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on offers ALL voters the best (and only) method to influence decision-makers in all jurisdictions.

During this holiday period, we urge readers to spend a few moments reading our review of some immigration issues of special relevance to Australia during the past year, and our posts on previous Australia Days: in January 2014 we celebrated the opportunities offered by the great Australian innovation of the secret ballot, while in January 2015 we reflected on the admission of a shameful truth – that mass immigration is leading to the ‘benign cultural genocide’ of traditional Australia.