Immigration brings Australia to #24million – too many, too quickly

In 1987, the United Nations Population Fund produced the ‘Population Card’, a then state-of-the-art computerised calculator. This neat digital device allows people to check the projected increase of global and national populations through to 2020.

Last year, we checked the Card and revealed that the 1987 anticipated population for Australia on 28 October 2015 was 21,828,058. This was a vast under-estimation in comparison to the official Population Clock figure for that date: 23,912,665.

Now, the Australian Bureau of Statistics alerts us to the fact that tomorrow the Population Clock will reach 24 million. Their media release on 15 February 2015 contains much interesting data concerning immigration and population growth.

The government’s current immigration programs (through the Migration Program and the Humanitarian Program) bring in more than 200,000 new residents annually. This is equivalent to adding the population of Hobart each year.

The current high rate of immigration adversely affects our environmental and economic sustainability, social cohesion and cultural integrity.  Immigration affects every level of government because it impacts every aspect of Australian life, including border control, resources, infrastructure, education, plus health, community and human services.

Concerned Australians should write the REDUCE IMMIGRATION message on ballot papers – whether for federal, state or local government elections, or for referendums – so as to reach the attention of policy-makers.

Since we started this website in mid-2013, tens of thousands of readers have visited the site and presumably have found it to be a valuable resource. Their frequent use means that this website tops the list of results when ‘Reduce Immigration’ is typed into any major search engine.  Please share the site, and its information about the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign, with family and friends.

It’s worth noting that no one has contacted us with what they consider to be a better idea than the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign, and there are many positive comments from readers on our pages and posts. Feedback on our work is always welcome!



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