Further results from our federal election campaign

Did you write REDUCE IMMIGRATION on your ballot papers for September’s federal election? If so, many thanks.

Many readers have asked us about the impact of the recent write-on campaign. We all appreciate that the Australian Electoral Commission counts votes, not write-on slogans – meaning that it is unlikely that we will ever know how many write-ons were stimulated by our campaign. When the AEC produces its final report on the election, however, we’ll be looking for references and information that might assist us in understanding the impact of our activity.

Meanwhile, we can advise that the poll has been officially declared in the Victorian division of Flinders where Denis McCormack and Paul Madigan stood as Independent candidates. The final figures reveal that Madigan and McCormack gained a combined 1.26% of the first-preference vote. We remind readers that these candidates stood not to attract votes, but to promote the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign.

As we noted in our post on the day after the election, their combined result compares very well with the voting in Flinders for candidates from the minor registered political parties: we trounced the Family First Party (1.16%), the Australian Christians (0.56%), the Rise Up Australia Party (0.51%) and the Non-Custodial Parents Party (0.23%).

We are grateful to The Independent Australian whose editor has recently analysed the results gained by registered parties that campaigned overtly on issues relating to population and immigration. His article, ‘How did the parties with low immigration policies fare in the election?’, includes some interesting reflections that might stimulate fresh approaches by those parties in their future electoral campaigns.

Once again, we congratulate Mr Madigan and Mr McCormack on their energetic campaigning for the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on, and their positive results in Flinders.


Convincing support for our ‘REDUCE IMMIGRATION’ campaign

It’s Day One after the federal election, and the first session of vote-counting in the Flinders electorate last night shows that voters appreciated the clarity of our message about the need to reduce immigration.

Preliminary figures reveal that our two independent candidates, Paul Madigan and Denis McCormack, have attracted a combined 1.13% of the first-preference vote. This compares very well with voting in Flinders for the candidates of registered political parties: – we equalled the Family First vote (1.13%) and trounced the Australian Christians (0.53%) and the Rise Up Australia Party (0.47%).

Our preliminary 1.13% can also be compared with the vote achieved by Stable Population Party candidates. In Victoria they contested two lower house electorates where their results were 0.18% (Melbourne) and 0.38% (Melbourne Ports). (We note that the SPP seems to have resisted discussion of immigration during the campaign.)

We congratulate Mr Madigan and Mr McCormack on their energetic campaigning and their positive results.

We thank those people in Flinders who supported our candidates directly by giving them a first-preference vote.

We also thank all Australians who helped to promote our write-on campaign and who remembered to add the slogan REDUCE IMMIGRATION in a suitable blank space on their ballot papers.

Figures for the number of write-on slogans may take some time to emerge, but we will update readers via this website and Twitter whenever we have fresh news.

Any reader who is serving as a scrutineer is welcome to contact us with information about what they observe as votes are being counted.

Over coming days and weeks, we expect to:

  • provide further analysis and commentary on the 2013 election, and
  • refresh this website so that the focus is on future campaigning to REDUCE IMMIGRATION and to promote the write-on slogan.

Please follow our posts and send us your suggestions by email, tweets, or as comments on the website.

A busy Monday night!

Our two candidates have been busy representing the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign at a community meeting in the Flinders electorate tonight, and our volunteer Tweeter fought off a head cold to frame a few tweets to the ABC TV program, Q and A. The program did not have a panel tonight – just the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, holding forth…

Here’s a summary listing of our tweets, concluding with our retweet of an apt closure to the evening.

Coverage by the Bass Coast Post

The REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign is today publicised as part of the Bass Coast Post profiling of local candidates in the 2013 federal election.

Two independent candidates for Flinders are promoting the write-on campaign. Click on these links to read their profiles:

If you are registered to vote in Flinders, please consider voting for either of these two candidates.

If you wish to meet Mr Madigan and Mr McCormack, they’ll be at the candidates’ meetings as follows:

  • Hastings on Tuesday 27 August
  • Cowes on Friday 30 August
  • Dromana on Monday 2 September

And wherever you live in Australia, please remember to write REDUCE IMMIGRATION on both ballot papers when you vote.

ABC Radio National’s “Politics in the Pub”

Proponents of the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign and Independent candidates for Flinders (Vic), Paul Madigan and Denis McCormack, were in the audience for ABC Radio National’s inaugural live “Politics in the Pub” event last night.

Disappointingly, there was no opportunity for audience participation – except for the expectation of applause at cued-in times. The audience was also expected to laugh, because the panellists were reputedly funny, but frankly, there was nothing to laugh at – and much to improve upon if the ABC’s aim is to create an interesting radio program that better reflects the diversity of ideas being aired during this campaign.

Our resident tweeter listened in from home and thought it was a rather dismal way to spend an hour. About half-way through, she decided to try to alleviate boredom by tweeting. For the record, here are her posts to Twitter. She’ll aim to do better next week, and fondly hopes that Radio National will also lift its game!