Yes, the immigration word was mentioned on Q&A tonight!

David Suzuki was the sole panellist on the ABC TV program, Q&A, tonight. Here are our tweets to the conversation:


Our comments won’t stop just because the election’s over

It may be a while before Australian voters can once again write the REDUCE IMMIGRATION slogan on ballot papers, but that won’t stop us sharing our thoughts on immigration issues.

Here are our tweets this morning to the ABC’s Insiders program, and Channel 10’s The Bolt Report:

A busy Monday night!

Our two candidates have been busy representing the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign at a community meeting in the Flinders electorate tonight, and our volunteer Tweeter fought off a head cold to frame a few tweets to the ABC TV program, Q and A. The program did not have a panel tonight – just the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, holding forth…

Here’s a summary listing of our tweets, concluding with our retweet of an apt closure to the evening.

Our tweets to The Bolt Report, 1 September 2013

Here’s a summary listing of our tweets to the Bolt Report this morning.


Immigration ‘debate’ skirts the big issues

ABC TV / 730 Report / 14 August 2013

Tonight’s 730 Report on ABC TV was disappointing. It promised a discussion about immigration policy between the Minister (Tony Burke) and the Shadow Minister (Scott Morrison) – but instead featured only humanitarian issues and border protection. While these are important matters, they are but part of a much bigger picture. Immigration as a whole needs to be reduced. Why won’t our representatives discuss the big picture? (Rhetorical question…)

The good news is that, come 7 September, all voters in Australia can help alert the new government to our concern about high levels of population by writing REDUCE IMMIGRATION in the blank spaces on ballot papers. Instructions on how to do this are here.

For the record, our tweets to the 730 Report are listed here:

Our tweets to Q and A on Day 1 of election campaign

This evening (5 August 2013) we posted a number of tweets to the ABC TV program, Q and A. Here they are in order of posting:

Our tweets to ABC TV program QandA, 29 July 2013