Help to spread the message!

We’ve designed a bookmark and a leaflet for forwarding, downloading, printing and distributing.

To read PDF files, your computer will need Acrobat Reader installed.
Click on the images below to enlarge them.


Reduce Immigration bookmark





Not only does this make a useful bookmark, but it’s easy to hand on to others in many ways.

You can print 5 on an A4 sheet from this PDF file.

If your printer allows borderless printing, that’s great. Otherwise, choose the printer setting for “shrink oversized pages” to create a margin.


A generic leaflet to promote the REDUCE IMMIGRATION write-on campaign is also available as a PDF document.

Print it on A4 paper: single-sided for pinning to noticeboards, and double-sided (if you can) to use as a one-sheet handout / how-to-vote card.

The leaflet associated with the 2013 federal election campaign is archived on this website, and looked like this:

Reduce Immigration leaflet_5August2013_webversion_page1Reduce Immigration leaflet_5August2013_webversion_page2


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  1. please let me make me do a flyer online

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