How to

Here’s how easy it is to show your concern about Australia’s immigration policy:

At any federal, state or local election, you will receive the relevant ballot papers. (The illustrations here relate to a federal poll.) With these papers in hand, walk into the privacy of a voting booth. Then:

  1. Fill in the squares for your valid vote on each paper.
  2. At the top of each ballot paper, write REDUCE IMMIGRATION.  If you write in the clear blank space, you cannot invalidate your vote.
  3. Fold each of the papers, walk out of the voting booth, and drop them into the correct ballot boxes on your way out … so easy!

Examples are shown here:


The REDUCE IMMIGRATION message is written anonymously in the clear blank space at the top of the ballot paper.

The REDUCE IMMIGRATION message is written anonymously in the clear blank space at the top of the ballot paper.


Any questions? – please visit our FAQ page and the ‘Learn more’ section of our home page.


8 thoughts on “How to


  2. I will show my concern about australian’s immigration policy at the next federal state or local election, along side my family and friends, especially after hearing that liberals promised to reduce ” net overseas migration …to no more than 170,000 per year. These people need to go back to their own countries, this is not good.

  3. Done! prob won’t change anything but by God it felt good writing it down!

  4. Pleeeeease whoever is heading up the Immigration department here in Oz, you really need to take a good look at it. I am a true blue Aussie and so are my parents, grandparents and their parents…..and it DOES NOT feel like I’m in Australia any more! It’s a disgrace! Come on, surely you can shut the gate (so to speak) and let a smaller portion in each year (particularly of Asian and Indian) and do what the USA does – let them in the country for 5 years and then they have to return to their country and get in line again!
    Australia is waaaay too overpopulated now, and this needs to be seriously looked at! I can’t even sit on a public train or bus and see another Australian alongside me! Now that’s disgraceful… DON’T KNOW WHO TO POINT THE FINGER AT HERE…BUT SOMEONE NEEDS TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE RIGHT AWAY! These immigrants are taking over our REAL ESTATE, our JOBS, our WAY OF LIFE…. I’m very saddened as well as disgusted and frustrated at the fact that no-one speaks ENGLISH any more!!!
    I just hope there are other Aussies out there that feel the same way!!

    • You are not alone.

      My wife works at the local kinder and there are quite a few muslim and Indian kids.

      The father of one muslim kid arrived to pick him/her up and one of the teachers went up to him and wanted to discuss with him an issue with his child.

      This muslim responded to her along the lines of “how dare you speak to me, I am going to complain to your supervisor blah blah blah”. The teacher was left stunned into silence.

      Of course his wife apologized profusely to the teacher and blamed herself for not instructing the teacher how to address her husband.

      I tell you what, if I caught a muslim (or any other breed of misogynist pig ) disrespecting my wife like that then……..

      I don’t mind muslims in general, as long as they know and stick to their proper place.

      But unfortunately with some muslims, multiculturalism is all one way! And I for one will not bow to loony left ideology (which amounts to bend over and take it up the ….) when it comes to such blatant arrogance from a guest in my own country.

      When we visit their countries then we are expected to and generally do behave as polite guests should behave.

  5. And what about all the Russian wives who marry and ditch their hubby after a few months claiming to be victims of domestic violence?

    That is something that is happening quite often. If they claim domestic violence they don’t even have to stay married for 2 years, and they can ckaim welfare. My neighbour had 2 Russian wives who both stayed with him only a few months, claimed domestic and got to stay and go on welfare. The second wife told me within weeks of arriving and being married to him, that she was going to do this. When I reported her, the immigration dept did nothing.
    Then when it works, they tell their friends back in Russia how easy it is.

  6. Great ideas. We can’t look after our own let alone save every Asian, Sudanese or any other bludger that thinks Oz is an easy place to get welfare. Send them back to where they came from.

  7. Worth a try because it appears politicians who are supposed to reflect the wishes of the people have clearly stopped listening and are on their own agenda. It’s an absolute disgrace what has become of this country in such a short space of time. The last decent immigrants were post WW11 and it’s been downhill since then.

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